Sunday, January 30, 2011

scary girls night makeup fest
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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Ok , We are all fine and I am healing from a too long of a story. How long till you can use your stomach muscles after c-section so far been 12 days and the pain is exactly the same and I can't come close to using them let alone doing my core exercise which is KILLING me. Garen is just doing soooo great. Academic his output sucks but it is actually what he is supposed to do for the level he is at. I just wish he would show me all he knows but his interaction and communication is just improving so fast. Masen does all his programming because he is the best with him. Ayven looks like Masen and Garen did and acts like Masen did as a baby soooo easy. Only cries when Alex changes him but who wouldn't Alex really likes them clean OUCH!!

Monday, May 31, 2010

here is garen and some more of braeleys art

braeley was in an art show and one many prizes I didnt get all of her art of film but she is very good for her first art class. I feel bad she has been telling me since she was little she loves art and I would just brush it off mainly because I didn't want the mess. But I will try to have her continue.

masen was in a play and so was braeley and kalen in there class this is just a portion of it the part where they are mouthing a song as you can tell he has the most personality.

Friday, May 28, 2010

ok well garen is being potty trained so far good but he doesnt seem to go on his own he always asks permission. well at first he would go only when we asked him to but we had to not forget. Now he will ask permission but only to me so if I am gone I am worried he wont go if someone doesnt ask him. He used to wait till I came home and tell me he needed to change his diaper I felt bad because he had been sitting so long waiting for me to get home and wouldn't tell anyone else. It is hard trying to figure out how his brain works but luckily I can just call NACD and they can explain and it makes sense. Kylar is a bit jealous always yelling at garen to get on the toilet and go potty or he is going in the stroller. She pulls her diaper off and goes on the toilet right after she wets it. Kinda annoying she will go through eight by lunch. She is close but not there yet so I wont try her yet.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

masen came in second alex thought it was wrong of course. masen won all his races and then the last race came in second and then after the race he switched lanes and beat the winner by a long shot. Of course that is what alex says. I think all dads are the same.
well I am 13 weeks and finally I am tired. of course who knows if that is pregnancy or just me. I am more excited about NACD for the older kids than I was for 'Garen is that wrong. I guess I know 'Garen will be great because of them but homeschooling forever I was blown away by their programs for the older kids soooo logical and easy and I swear everyone should take their kids in for an evaluation. Things are sooo much clearer when someone puts exactly the right thing for your child. I wish I had this 13 years ago but oh well I am thankful. Garen is doing great he needs to get potty trained and says no every time I bring it up. It is weird I never had to potty train a kid when they knew they just went and that was that. Well they gave me the go ahead because his tactile is alot better and he is feeling deeper pressure. But I have to wait for a day that I have no where to go and hide all the diapers and train kylar and garen on the same day. Garen knows how to go but for some reason REALLY does not want to get on that thing. But I plan to get the stickers and all the bad junk he is not supposed to eat and make a party out of it. First of June though. ok good night for now love em Ps. I dont mean to get all excited about having an autistic child but it is amazing what NACD can to he is changing overnight so I am so grateful to have Garen and learn from him. The kids school program blows me away that NACD came up with. I swear every parent should have their kid in NACD it makes school so easy for them and they progress so fast because you are teaching them exactly the way they think.
kalen and masen just started flag football first game didn't know what they were doing as much because had no practice but did great especially since they played against a team twice their size. Kalen is the only girl on her team and likes it that way. Shes shy but not stupid. I told her I was a tom boy but only because I liked to hang out with the boys I also was not stupid. miss those days playing in the mud and games with the boys.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Can I just tell you how lucky I am. I dont know why I am sooo blessed I certainly don't deserve it but Heavenly Father has really been answering so many prayers and truly helping my life be at much more peace. Which is hard for me to stay peaceful always running around like a chicken with her head cut off. My husband is sooo patient and good and I never appreciate how hard he works for his family and for everyone. He always thinks of others and puts himself last he truly has a love for people that he has been blessed with. Sometimes I think people take advantage of him but it always come back in love to him. People when they finally get to know him sees that his true happiness comes in helping them. He is fun and keeps me young. I wish that I could always remember this especially when I am hormonal. I am grateful that we are having our 8th baby together. I am so grateful for him letting me stay home and homeschool and spend all his money on every extra class I can put my kids in. I am also glad that he follows the spirit in all he does and truly finds the best people to surround himself with. I love my husband and my children so much I hope I can just continue to deserve these blessings.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

ok so way too much candy today we had a huge easter hunt in the house lasted a total of 3 minutes but they got soo much candy and ate it all today. I think I am going to barf. We take Masen , Braeley and Seda into NACD tomorrow for their appointments they are going to tell me how they think, learn etc. I am excited to see what they do with kids that are normal or whatever. I know Braeley does not have a dominate eye and I wonder how that affects things. ok I will tell you what happens when I get back.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I love this boy what a change its been for him. He is sooooo much better it is like waking him up out of dream land. 'Autistic kids are in La La land and dont interact with you unless they need something he's so awake and barely in la la land always asking me "excuse me mom can I have ..excuse me mom ... He asks me everything. He still doesn't have a huge vocabulary but is definately using his ears now. Since autistic kids it stems from their ears being magnify they tend to not use them and zone out so with NACD program he is gradually starting to use them more. The more he uses them the less I have to build the language connection for him in the brain and he does it on his own. We took him in on friday and they were shocked with how much he was saying that wasn't a line that was fed to him he was thinking on his own and coming up with his own conversation\. YAAAAA love you all em see you in July
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braeley did pretty well too on the bronco

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Here is my handsome little bro Fenton who I left to fend for himself at 9 years old and have only seen him five times since then. What a lousy sister I am. I had lots of fun getting to know the MAN fenton. Very funny!!! and for all the ladys almost single. I also enjoyed seeing my mom and dad who happily housed me for 6 days. I loved hanging out with Amy. I am so glad we have a great relationship now. You is a great sister with lots of energy and fun and much insight. I love her. My mom and dad look great and cute and we are excited to see them this summer. ps. I did not color my hair again this is the process of fading pretty cool. keeps changing till I am back to dirty what ever color.
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Happy Bday Kylar wow this child is two and I am not pregnant!! Thats a first but we are having fun and Garen is doing great with his best buddy Kylar and Seda of course. We will be making our big trip in July with the majority of it in California and end in Utah then end of July. Miss and love all
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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

alex and kylar and me at the New Years Party so handsome and very nice dancer my husband is. Kylar bounced all over till she past out at about 11:57
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Thursday, December 17, 2009

just some trip photos. Riley and my brown hair dye rileys hair is almost all washed out but loved the trip and I never take any pics. and one of masen being funny as usual.

Friday, November 6, 2009

alex took some great pictures these are just a couple the rest are on facebook. Im excited to leave in two weeks for utah hope all is well. love em